MP3: Ladyhawke - "Black White & Blue" (The Big Pink Remix)


Though they just dropped an album of their own, The Big Pink took some time out of their schedule to bring their talent for crafting expansive pop jams to a remix of Ladyhawke’s recent jam-of-all-jams single “Black White and Blue.” We like how the guys start the whole thing off in a minor key, breaking down Pip Brown’s radio-ready vocals and grungy guitar backbeat into a goth-y, industrial, hyper-processed haze, before bringing out the big guns and busting out into a full-scale B*Witched / S Club 7 ‘90s fist-pumper. Ladyhawke’s record Anxiety is out March 27th; The Big Pink’sFuture This is out now.

LADYHAWKE – "Black, White & Blue" (The Big Pink Remix) (MP3)