MP3: Ladyhawke - "Black White & Blue" (The Big Pink Remix)

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Though they just dropped an album of their own, The Big Pink took some time out of their schedule to bring their talent for crafting expansive pop jams to a remix of Ladyhawke’s recent jam-of-all-jams single “Black White and Blue.” We like how the guys start the whole thing off in a minor key, breaking down Pip Brown’s radio-ready vocals and grungy guitar backbeat into a goth-y, industrial, hyper-processed haze, before bringing out the big guns and busting out into a full-scale B*Witched / S Club 7 ‘90s fist-pumper. Ladyhawke’s record Anxiety is out March 27th; The Big Pink’sFuture This is out now.

LADYHAWKE – "Black, White & Blue" (The Big Pink Remix) (MP3)