mp3: Le1f - Tree House Mixtape


About a minute into Le1f'sTree House opener "Plush," he drops what might be a pretty accurate summation of his career thus far: "We out here making trap for the rapture." Really though - something about dude's taste for super-maximalist, utterly of-the-moment, unabashedly weird beats and lyrics packed with witty, smartly postmodern references makes us think Le1f's the kind of guy we'd take a jog through flaming rain or whatever to go see play an earthquake bunker. Totally cementing our devotion is this new and totally excellent fourteen-track mixtape, which sees Le1f jump from creepy-sexy slow jams like "Hush Bb" to bigtime bangers like "Damn Son" and (his ode to Lil B's cat?) "Free Kiki." Check it out.

Download: Le1f - Tree House