New: Lil B - "I Got AIDS"


Based God Lil B is a magnanimous man who cares deeply for his Based disciples – whether he’s recording tribute songs for his fans with cancer, titling his record Im Gay (Im Happy) to call attention to the struggles of the gay community, Lil B’s putting himself in the position of the downtrodden in an attempt to use his music to spur social change among his fans is admirable, if a little sketchy.

His latest “awareness song” is “I Got AIDS,” in which the Based God extols the virtues of safe sex, getting tested, Magic Johnson, and following the advice of his mother (“keep your dick in your pants”) while decrying lying women who carry a slew of STDs. He ends the track with a minute’s spoken word plea to his fans to get tested. We definitely admire the message here, but Lil B’s rhyming of HIV with his own name kind of sums up his intentions. Check it out.

Lil B - "I Got AIDS" (mp3)

Download Lil B's new mixtape BasedGod Vellihere.

PS: Did you know Lil B was Tupac?