Lil Wayne - Fix My Hat


According to Prefix Magazine, "'Fix My Hat' is the third track to leak off Wayne's upcoming rock/hip-hop album, The Rebirth. The song was produced by Drew Money." If this is indeed a Rebirth track, color me intrigued, for once. It goes without saying that the first two singles to break off from this project, "Prom Queen" and "Hot Revolver," were anything but acceptable after a great 2007-08 of Wayne.


"Fix My Hat" is a straight up rap song that gives slight nods (hat-tips if you will) to 80s and 90s rap. Gone are the rock-riffs that littered the first two tracks. This song should be rushed as a single, Wayne needs to redeem himself to the public, not just through muddy mixtapes.

Rebrith is schedule for release on June 23, on Young Money/Cash Money/Universal. Take a listen below.