Lil Wayne - Hot Revolver (off the Leak 6)



Yesterday we brought you "Prom Queen," the first single off Lil Wayne's upcoming rock album Rebirth. "Hot Revolver," which first surfaced months ago, is rumored to be on Rebirth, and coincidentally, is on The Leak 6 in better quality, save for very few minimalistic drops. I know that for some people, this is good news.

I actually really like this Green Day-sampling track and hope it's a quick second single, following "Prom Queen." Does anyone think that Weezy's Rebirth will be as well-received as Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak? I don't. But I'm sure Weezy has some suckerpunches on this next album that will catch our balls off guard. At least I hope so...

Grab the new Hot Revolver below.

Lil Wayne - Hot Revolver