Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying (Flying Lotus Remix)


Photo by Ryan Dombal


Flying Lotus' remix of Lil Wayne's "A Milli" turned out to be one of my favorites of 2008, and now the Lotus has reworked and undeniably improved another Lil Wayne classic. Flying Lotus' take on one of Lil Wayne's better odes to marijuana is chilling.

Loaded with his signature "laptopper experimentalism", Flying Lotus' inventive re-imagination of an instant mixtape-era-hip-hop classic subtly commands your attention for the track's short two minutes and thirty-nine seconds.

Up until recently, this remix was only available on Flying Lotus' myspace, but it seems that he has decided to give it away, so enjoy the track:

MP3: Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying (Flying Lotus Remix)