Lil Wayne, Kanye West, T.I., Jay-Z - U Ain't Neva Gottz Ask



No it doesn't entirely match the energy of "Swagga Like Us," in fact, its more reminiscent of Mr. Carter off of Wayne's Tha Carter III but "U Ain't Neva Gottz Ask" is still an incredible collaboration regardless.

There's so much going on in this song - the crazy sped up piano, the thuming hand clap like beat, the booming echoes in the background, and of course the re-interpolation of George Michael's schmaltzy "Careless Whisper." In the hands of less capable and assured producers all of these elements could have ended up sounding like a mess, but on "U Ain't Neva Gottz Ask" it all comes together perfectly.

Bonus points for the use of my favorite Jay-Z rhymes, Justify My Thug. Take note Flo Rida and BEP, this is how you build a song around samples. Listen to "U Ain't Neva Gottz Ask" after the jump

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