Lil Wayne & Madonna - Triggerman (Snippet)


I like snippets about as much as I like a route canal, but I just couldn't resist when I saw this on my feed reader. Is this not the craziest collaboration ever? I mean, I heard her Madgesty was in the studio, but with the WEEZY? That's a little (a lot) desperate.


Madonna did plenty of work with Pharrell and even a song with Kanye on her last album, Hard Candy, and it was underwhelming, to say the least (except for "Give It 2 Me" — great song!). That makes me both anxious and nervous to hear the rest of this "Triggerman." Actually, I'm anxious to hear ANY Madonna on "Triggerman" — the 1:32 clip that has been floating around features no Madonna whatsoever. It actually sounds like Lil Wayne rapping over Britney's "Radar."

We all know Wayne bleeds PR, so this can totally be an elaborate (or not?) stunt to keep the Nah Right headlines coming, because his newer stuff has been drenched in gallons of suck. Catch the snippet after the jump, you know you're dying to listen to it.

Madonna aside, sounds good, no?