Lil Wayne - Prom Queen + New Album



"Prom Queen" is the first single off Lil Wayne's new rock album Rebirth due in a few months (April 7th), according to MTV. This is NOT Tha Carter IV, or another Cater III, this is just Weezy wanting to rock out.

And you know what? It's not terrible, but with that said, I don't really think it's that good either. It's just there. Auto-tune and all. My gut feeling was that "Prom Queen" is a terrible first-single choice (not that I've heard the rest of the album, but I hope most of it is better than this).

How does Lil Wayne expect to sell another milli on the week of April 7th with this as the lead?

Catch "Prom Queen" after the jump

Lil Wayne Prom Queen