Lil Wayne - Prom Queen (Russ Castella Piano Version)


Russ Castella


We have all discussed atlength and have voiced our thoughts on Lil Wayne's forthcoming rock album. The consensus is quite frank: we think it sucks (so far). "Prom Queen" is a horrible song, and while "Hot Revolver" is an improvement, it is nothing to make us believe Wayne's venture into vocoder rock music will be anywhere near good.

Then Russ Castella drops this remix in my dropbox. Gone are the rock riffage that sounded so terrible with Wayne's vocoder'd vocals. Castella replaces the guitars with some fitting and smooth keys. We still have to put with Wayne's vocals, but there's no denying that this is an improvement. The vocoder is just something we obviously have to learn to live with, or learn to ignore. Upgrade your "Prom Queen" below