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Lil Wayne - Run This Town

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The big news this week is that Lil Wayne is going to jail for up-to a year for gun possession, but this, of course, won't be stopping Weezy from dropping his No Ceilings mixtape this Halloween. It's been a while since I've kept up with Lil Wayne's various off-album releases, but this track caught my attention.


My favorite Lil Wayne tracks, save for "A Milli," have been some of his freestyles on his mixtapes, and his "Run This Town" freestyle brings back the Lil Wayne we were enjoying in late 07 and early 08. The lyricism of this track, coupled with Wayne's vehement and overtly cocky delivery triggers thoughts of "A Milli," not because it bears a resemblance to it, but because this "Run This Town" freestyle will fit nicely next to "A Milli" and among other mind-blowing performances that remind us why Weezy calls himself the Rapper Eater.

Lil Wayne - Run This Town