Lil Wayne x Sleigh Bells - Fireman on the Ground


Photo by AnthoNYC/Tastes Like Caramel


We've already raved about Sleigh Bells’ debut Magic Metal, and “Crown on the Ground” was the stand-out track of an EP that “really hit it out of the park”. Its abrasive, relentless, “We Will Rock You” beat, and its distorted take on a bubblegum-pop vocal hook, demanded attention – and got it. Certainly, it piqued the interest of an anonymous mixer, who has merged the track with Lil Wayne’s “Fireman” (Tha Carter Vol. II). The mash-up, “Fireman on the Ground”, has been praised by Youtube users and Pitchfork’s Forkcast alike – and indeed, it’s catchy, clever, and considered.

The obvious inspiration for the mash is the screaming siren intro of Sleigh Bells’ track – combined with Weezy’s puffed-up and growling rap, it’s an arresting combination. While Alexis Krauss’ sugar-sweet, sing-song vocals contrasted with the gritty and distorted pulse of “Crown on the Ground”, Lil Wayne’s larger-than-life persona matches up with it – and when Krauss “sets that crown on the ground” in a stepwise ascent, and Weezy warns that “you can spark it up, and I’ma put you out”, in a back-and-forth motion, their phrases are so complimentary that this could be an actual duet.

MP3: Lil Wayne x Sleigh Bells - Fireman on the Ground