mp3: PC Music's Lipgloss Twins, "Wannabe"

More freakish bubblegum pop from London's PC Music.

Last week, we continued with our weekly Tracking column, in which we featured new tracks from, among others, Baths, Owen Pallett, and Hannah Diamond, of London's perplexing PC Music crew. Hannah Diamond's "Attachment" starts off as something you'd expect from Grimes, until it showcases Diamond's unique motif: glitchy, kitschy, bubblegum pop.

If you thought Diamond was weird, then you haven't heard her associates, the aptly named Lipgloss Twins. Whereas Diamond sings and swoons throughout "Attachment," Lipgloss Twins' "Wannabe" takes kitsch to a whole new level. The track is just over two minutes of effervescent, computer-mimicking electro sounds that's quite hard to put your finger on, though I do get the feeling it has something to do with a blonde and brunette being twins. Oh, and lipgloss. Listen here to really understand what the Lipgloss Twins are talking/singing about.

Not really though, we're still confused. But we can't stop smiling.

Download below: