Little Boots - New In Town / Click (Ruff Mix)




"New In Town" is, indeed, Little Boots' third single off her as-of-yet unreleased and untitled debut album. This new single, marking Little Boots' first CD single release, was ushered in and hyped up by two remixes by Drop the Lime and the WOW-enducing Fred Falke, but thanks to loyal reader Keso, I now have the full version of "New In Town" as well as a rough mix of another new song, "Click."

What is it that they say? Third time's a charm?  Little Boot's "New In Town" is just that, the charming third single that will recruit the non-fans. The Royksopp-like first single, "Stuck on Repeat" has this fantastic 2 minute intro that leads into unneeded vocals. This song would have hit just as hard if Little Boots got on the mic or not. That alone is enough to throw some people off the Little Boots band wagon.

Little Boot's second single, "Meddle" was a lot more casual listener-friendly, and didn't require you to to be a sweaty hipster with a couple of worn-out glowsticks in hand for you to enjoy it. The problem some people had with "Meddle" was that it sounded a lot like fellow Brits, the Ting Tings, who are far more popular., and their hit song "That's Not My Name."

In "New In Town," Little Boots finds a a middle ground between Royksopp and the Ting Tings: Riosin Murphy! If you think about it this way, Little Boots is one of the most time  effective  artists out there today. In just three songs, you feel like you've heard best of's of three of your favorite artists. If you're short on time, like I am, you'd see that Little Boots is a Godsend.

UPDATE: Little Boots' management have kindly asked me to take both of these tracks down.