Little Boots - New In Town (Drop The Lime & Fred Falke Remixes)


Damn it guys! All weekend I've had a ton of people emailing me, IMing me, and Twittering me about "Little Boots' new single."


So is "New In Town" Little Boots' new single? Who knows, neither Boots or her label have confirmed anything. Any and all rumors have blown up because of two remixes by Drop The Lime (I'm unfamiliar here) and Fred Falke (oh crap, really?). Why is Fred Falke remixing this virtually unknown Little Boots track? Interesting, right?

I've heard a short snippet of "New In Town" and I've been asked not to share it. Beyond this promotional clip, I have not heard or seen the full track available anywhere (if you have it, share the wealth!). Personally, I think once Radio 1 gets their catapulting little hands on this single, the world won't know what hit it. It's quite the follow-up to, and a worthy successor of "Stuck On Repeat" and "Meddle." At least I got that vibe from the clip I heard; and these remixes aren't bad at all. I'm particularly partial to the Fred Falke one, myself.

Little Boots - New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)

Little Boots - New In Town (Drop The Lime Remix)