Little Boots - Remedy / Symmetry


Little Boots' long anticipated debut album, Hands has finally hit the web in a form of a craptastic webrip. The quality leaves a lot to be desires, especially when it comes to the awesome aural affects Little Boots has undoubtedly made sure we experience when listening to the album. The good news is that we won't have to wait long to hear Hands in its full glory because it hits shelves on June 8th in the UK.


Until then, there are two tracks, "Remedy" and "Symmetry," that have been circulating 'round the internet and they serve as perfect samples for what "Hands" has in store for you. Read on for the tracks.

Hands Track Listing:
1. New in Town
2. Earthquake
3. Stuck on Repeat
4. Click

6. Meddle
7. Ghosts
8. Mathematics

10. Tune into My Heart
11. Hearts Collide
12. No Brakes

*not in full CD quality