Little Red - Coca Cola


Declaring themselves "Original Doo Wop Punk" Little Red has made it big in Australia and is now setting their sights on the rest of the world. Internationally debuting their single "Coca Cola," they're a fun and energetic group who truly capture the 50's 60's old fashioned Rock and Roll (think Beach Boys) complete with backing vocals that captures the innocence of that era.


They're a cute band with even cuter lyrics, but you won't find anything profound here. "My one and only advice/ Is cold coca cola and Ice" are sugary lyrics that give you an equally sugary high. It's a super catchy song that even has a fun clapping part when the music drops out (I'm quite the sucker for clap alongs).

Little Red is releasing "Coca Cola" on a limited edition 7" due out September 21st via Neon Gold. Their album Listen To Little Red will become available November 16th.

—postscript —

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Volcano Choir's album leaked a few weeks ago and I've been enjoying it since. Expect a review up soon. In the meantime, give "Sleepymouth" a listen.

I Guess I'm Floating posted up a brand new song Panda Bear performed at last weekend's All Tomorrow's Parties Fest in New York. As of now, they are untitled. The first one is good (below), the second one is rather... boring (follow link to find it). GvsB also posted up Panda Bear's entire setlist.

Panda Bear - Entire Setlist

-Luis Tovar