Long Live Hot Girls (A Mixtape)



Words and Artwork by Dan McGrath (aka Knatterjak)

Well, its that time of year again. The wonderful summer weather is quickly becoming a thing of the past, everyday I find myself stuck behind a school bus in an Irish Catholic neighborhood, and another hope crushing, tear inducing, life raping season of football is right around the corner (I am a Buffalo Bills fan). But all is well… because nothing can take away the 2 most important things this world has to offer: Great Music and Hot Girls. I dedicate this mix to the wonderful women and titillating tunes that get me through my workday… which consists of tons weed whacking and mowing lawns. Thank heavens for the 200k education I just finished…

All kidding aside, I actually love the fall and am in no way the pessimistic male chauvinist bastard that wrote the paragraph above… although my job really does suck.

Enjoy. [dm]2[/dm]

Future Dads (Platinum Edition) – Super Mash Brothers
Don’t let their name fool you, these guys are cool. Billed as “Girl Talk’s hot cousin,” SMB was a staple for me on those unforgettable college nights that, for reasons I won’t mention (hi mom!), I just can’t remember… You really need to hear their first album Fuck Bitches. Get Euros in its entirety, but this is where they really shine. I mean come on, who knew Jay-Z and Vanessa Carlton we’re destined for each other.

Joan Jett of Ark – Clem Snide
Those familiar with Clem Snide already know of lead singer Eef Barzelay’s ability to write incredibly quirky lyrics while remaining sincere. This song is no exception. Written for his first love (and lay), Barzelay reminisces on what sounds like a classic summer romance. The song has been quasi ruined for me as it naturally reminds me of my first love… and my first breakup… that was so long ago… I feel so old… hold me?

Heart’s A Mess (Lull’s Radio Edit) – Gotye
“And on the seventh day, God created Gotye and knew that it was good. He then rested… while it played ever so sweetly in the background.” Check Genesis, it’s all there... Ok, I kid I kid (put the pitchforks down you devouts), but he may as well have. I was introduced to Gotye back in 2007 when he was virtually unknown in the USA. He is just now starting to get the stateside recognition he deserves thanks to the guys over at Neon Gold. Many Heart’s A Mess remixes exist. This is my favorite.

Sing Me Spanish Techno – The New Pornographers
Every now and again I come across a song that appears mediocre upon first listen, save for that one small part towards the end that catches me off guard and keeps me coming back for more and more and more… until I’m completely hooked. "Sing Me Spanish Techno" is one of these songs. It starts off like a typical new Pornographer’s track until the end of the refrain where the drums cut out, the sound simplifies, and the title is revealed in falsetto… gets me every time.

Lovertits (Peaches Cover) – Feist ft. Gonzalez
What can I really say about Feist. She’s incredibly talented, insanely hot, and the best thing to come out of Canada since, well, I was gonna say maple syrup but that’s Vermont isn’t it… you get my point. She covers Peaches on this track, and in my opinion blows the original out of the water. I love that final line: “Let’s get over this / I’m your lovertits oh oh oh”

Shooting Star (Party Rock Remix) – LMFAO
Ok ok, we get it already, you’re in Miami. However, it was in a Boston cab with three bitches (excuse me, three “tricks”), one of which was kind enough to grace this mix’s cover art, that I found this gem. This is definitely my favorite thing touched by LMFAO thus far. I dare even the most apprehensive dancers not to bust a move to this track.

Trashcan – Delta Spirit
I was introduced to Delta Spirit when they opened for The Shins this spring in Boston. As it turns out, they outperformed The Shins… which really sucked for The Shins. This song in particular was pretty stellar. Be warned, after a few listens that piano riff with be forever stuck in your head.

Flame – Bellx1
Fun fact of the day. Damien Rice was once the front man for this band (when they called themselves Juniper). After he quit due to creative differences, the drummer filled his spot and they changed their name to Bellx1. I saw these guys live last fall, and they introduced this song as their “attempt at disco.” Whether or not they succeeded, well that’s up to you. But if you’re having trouble deciding, find the beat, channel your inner Travolta a la Saturday Night Fever, and voilà!

Maker – Fink
This is a tricky one. Whenever I introduce people to English Dj turned singer songwriter Fink, they either find his music incredibly sexy or incredibly boring. I’m obviously in accordance with the former. This song is especially smooth and very haunting, which are two words I rarely use in describing things having to do with Englishmen. If you’re reading this Fink, feel special. For those of you so inclined, also give "This Is The Thing" and "Blueberry Pancakes" a listen.

Confusion Girl (Don Diablo Loves to Slowdance Remix) – Frankmusik
I must confess, Confusion Girl is the only Frankmusik song I am familiar with, so there really isn’t much I can say about him. As for this remix, I found it while parousing the Internet looking for something to run to. I’ve since made it part of my routine to play it towards the end of a workout when I’ve begun running with a limp and slower than I can walk. I wish being fat was “in.”

You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall & Oates
If you saw (500) Days of Summer and you’re anything like me, you immediately downloaded the soundtrack upon returning from the theater. You then proceeded to listen to this song 500 times (pardon the pun) until you felt pain… Still, this song summed up this summer for me, and those unfamiliar with it will surely love it. By the way, I can’t wait until Fall and/or Minka Kelly come into my life.

Hot Herre (Nelly Cover) – Jenny Owen Youngs
Man I love a good cover, especially when the artist is talented enough to completely strip away the original. Youngs kills this one, in a dorky Ingrid Michaelson kind of way, but for a song written by Nelly that’s the best way possible. The video is pretty funny too.

The Gospel Song – Magnet
I became addicted to this song the first time I heard it, mainly due to my unexplainable obsession with the banjo (and all the other manliest of instruments). The solid beat and raspy vocals didn’t hurt either. And not to mention the “fuck you bitch” lyrics…definitely a song to listen to after being sucked dry by a she-devil. Really this is one of those “puzzle” songs, where each small piece fits together so wonderfully resulting in a kickass masterpiece.

A cause des garcons (tepr remix)– Yelle
I downloaded this song when I studied abroad in Europe and took it upon myself to sharpen my Tectonic dance moves. And then I remembered I can’t dance for shit (my go to move involves rubbing my ass up and down a wall) so instead I live vicariously through the French dudes in this video. I had never respected someone wearing a fanny pack before in my life.

Astronaut – Salem
If Mika and Rufus Wainwright were to could have a baby, I imagine he would sound a lot like Salem. I don’t really remember how I came across this guy, but this song has become synonymous with summer driving for me. Windows down, blinding sun, happy thoughts. Just what Summer should be.

These Days – Nico
This song plays during my favorite scene in The Royal Tenanbaums. Uber hottie Gwyneth Paltrow (pretentious or not, you can’t deny she’s the tits magee) as mascara donning Margot Tenebaum silently steps off a bus in slow motion. Cue guitar and increased blood flow in my nether regions. Though originally written by Jackson Browne, there’s something about Nico’s odd voice paired with violins that makes this version so enjoyable. If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s the scene — and if you have I’d be willing to bet you’re still going to click that link.

Light Through The Veins – Jon Hopkins
Those Coldplay fans smelling another oncoming lawsuit worry not. Jon Hopkins co-produced a portion of Viva la Vida, and allowed the band to sample this track at Martin’s request. Smart move Chris Martin, without this song your last LP wouldn’t have been nearly as good as it was. Sometimes I like to sing the lyrics from The Escapist over and over again for the duration of the song. Man I need to get some more hobbies…

Thanks again Luis and everyone at PMA for letting me do this. Just wanted to let both of the Knatterjak fans out there (again, hi mom!) that I am currently recording an EP of my own. Hopefully it will have the power to melt Tovar’s brain and thus appear on the site somewhere in the near future…