Lupe Fiasco - Fire


Another classic cut from hip-hop MC Lupe Fiasco? “Fire” is hottttt, that’s a fact. Is Fiasco’s new track just as sizzilin’ (yeah, I just used that word) as its title? Debatable topic for sure. It’s clear why many Lupe fans love this song, while it’s also obvious that the track has flaws making it short of praise.

He fuses Hendrix sample sounds, which tend to be a bit messy throughout, with his signature flow. The rap seems to be a bit dull, not bad, just not as flawless as we have heard in the past from Fiasco. And the beat is typical Lupe, but it lacks heart and sweat. At points it sounds like he just threw down tracks to get something out quick. I do love the Hendrix sample sounds, however, I will stand by the fact that I think that Hendrix and hip-hop don’t mix (ie: Fat Joe trying to remix him also, which turned out “just okay”). Listen to "Fire" below