Lykke Li - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow


Photo by Benoît Derrier


2008 favorite Lyyke Li is giving away a free mp3 on her site of this Shirelle's cover. It will cost you an email address. It's a nice cover, but I would have preferred some new material.

VV Brown - Miss You (Rolling Stones cover)

Meanwhile, British alternative pop star VV Brown covered the Rolling Stones' "Miss You" during one of her BBC Radio Live Lounge sessions. Her full length debut Travelling Like The Light will see its American release in February, but in anticipation for its release, VV Brown fans can buy The Attic EP on iTunes now.

MP3: VV Brown - Miss You (Rolling Stones Cover)

How about all these covers we've been getting lately? Cover heads, like myself, are having a blast right now!