M83: "Reunion" (Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr Remix) MP3

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Detroit area indie electro rockers Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are the lastest artists to remix M83's new single "Reunion" for an upcoming remix EP coming out on May 29th. You can listen to their remix below, and also check out remixes from Mylo and White Sea. Remixes from the EP still outstanding include one from New Zealand post-punks The Naked and Famous.

M83: "Reunion" (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix) // MP3

M83: Reunion EP

01 “Reunion (Album Version)”
02 “Reunion (The Naked And Famous Remix)”
03 “Reunion (Sei A Remix)”
04 “Reunion (Polly Scattergood Mix)”
05 “Reunion (Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr Remix)”
06 “Reunion (Mylo Remix)”
07 “Reunion (White Sea Remix)”