MP3: Major Lazer & Amber of Dirty Projectors - "Get Free"


Major Lazer’s been hyping their new single “Get Free” via twitter for some time now, and now the full song’s here for you to sample. It’s likely Diplo and co.’s most slow-burning track to date, but that doesn’t mean their famously crazy beats have gone anywhere – in fact, thoughtful Major Lazer might have yielded one of their best offerings so far. On “Get Free,” an classic reggae bass pulse gets buried underwater and under cutting synth planes, arpeggiating keyboard riffs, and, most strikingly, Dirty Projector Amber Coffman’s cut up, layered, sometimes distorted, always sublime wail. Lazer and Amber are meant to work together – their mutual tastes for complex rhythms yield a really amazing, seamless collaboration. Check it out.

Major Lazer - "Get Free" f/ Amber Coffman (MP3)