Make The Girl Dance - My Name's Breezy / South


Make the Girl Dance is a Parisian duo, and they are going to make me dance. I don’t remember the last time I so appreciated – I don’t even know what to call it. Maybe it’s techno?


"South" is some very constant, dancy bass and chimy rock guitar with breakdowns into thunderstorm sound effects. Simple and tremendously effective. With no real vocals, the song depends on the music to be engaging, and it definitely is.

"My Name’s Breezy"'s only lyrics are from a 1973 Clint Eastwood-directed film called (obviously) “Breezy” (That’s right, I googled it!) The song’s most constant beat is heavy breathing, with added quick drums and soaring keyboard. It’s not as good as “South” – the heavy breathing is a little bit distracting – but serves its purpose as gleeful dance music.

Check out these songs if you like Justice or the Rapture – just for the clangy guitar and dancy beats. Give them a listen.