Marina and the Diamonds - The Outsider



The captivating, yet mysterious video for their single, “I’m Not a Robot,” put Marina and the Diamonds in the spot light. A few days ago Marina shined the light on herself through her blog by posting the availability of the singer and band’s newest track, “The Outsider,” on their myspace page (hi, social media revolution). The track may or may not be on their to-be-released album.

The song has an eccentric appeal to it that can be discovered after a few listens (I started liking it after the second listen). You can definitely feel and hear her dramatic Greek side and inspiration manifested in this song.  Love the lyrics in this song – I can relate it to several occasions of my life!

Shout out to Vinyl and Vodka for the mp3, mannnyy thanks! Check out the new blog formerly known as Mossip (like this name much more) at It’s so yummy! Listen to "The Outsider" here:

Marina and the Diamonds -