Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - "We Used To Wait" (Arcade Fire Cover)


Everyone from John Legend & The Roots to The Drums seem to be covering the newly chart-topping Arcade Fire these days. The newest act to join the ranks is Mark Ronson and his band, The Business INTL. Ronson & Co. made an extremely solid effort covering one of the best songs on Arcade Fire's critically and commercially embraced new album, The Suburbs. "We Used To Wait" also happens to be Arcade Fire's current single and a well deserved triple-A radio sensation. Over the last recent weeks, Arcade Fire's web-savvy has wowed fans in the form of an interactive, interpersonal music video for "We Used To Wait", essentially a short film called The Wilderness Downtown. So check that out if you haven't. You can also check out (download) Mark Ronson's cover of the song below:

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