Massive Attack - Pray For Rain (ft. TV On The Radio's Tunde Adebimpe)



Massive Attack, known for their downtempo, apocalyptic trip-hop, and Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio, known for their downtempo, apocalyptic indie rock, have collaborated on a track for Massive Attack’s latest EP, Splitting the Atom. And surprisingly, the result – titled “Praying for Rain” – isn’t the most depressing thing ever.

Adebimpe’s nonchalant, floaty, almost playful verses fit nicely with the song’s simple drum beat and ominous piano chords. The song slowly builds until halfway through the track, with bass drums going full force and with Adebimpe singing a hypnotic, abstract chorus, suddenly there’s an angelic, uplifting breakdown filled with not ominous despair, but…hope?

At seven minutes long, this beautiful seconds-long musical interlude doesn’t break through the track’s dark clouds long enough before dragging its feet again for another three minutes. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting collaboration between two top-notch artists that deserves your ears. Virgin is releasing Splitting the Atom in stores October 6 in the U.S (October 5 in the U.K.). Listen to "Pray For Rain" here