Massive Attack - Psyche (ft. Martina Topley Bird) (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid Remix)



Known for their trippy assembly of tunes, the British duo, Massive Attack are getting ready to release their new EP, which features a few remixes, Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid's remix of “Psyche,” being one of them.

The instrumental opening is intriguing and promising, but once the vocals chime in I feel like I am falling down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. I feel that that Martina Topley Bird's signature eerie vocals clash with a synthetic guitar to create a tune that is too slow to dance to but not leisurely enough to relax and get lost in. Overall, the song reminds me of a leaking faucet and I find myself tortured by the continuing drops that I yearn to turn off. The duo is thought of as experimental, so there is a reason for that and its expressed in this upcoming EP.

Look for their EP October 5, which will be released digitally and physically (on vinyl also), named after “Splitting the Atom.” Listen to "Psyche" here