Matt & Kim - Daylight (DJ Troublemaker Remix ft. De La Soul)



DJ Troublemaker remixes Brooklyn duo’s Matt and Kim’s upbeat pop heavy melody “Daylight.” The remix features the group De La Soul who rap over the original vocals. The chorus is kept the same (words and Matt’s vocals) but techno like electronics replace the synth pop sound of the original.

DJ Troublemaker says, “Words cannot describe the amount of happiness this song brings me. I consider De La Soul to be the greatest group in the history of hip hop. And, growing up and getting into music production, never did I think I would have the opportunity to work with them. Well, all that changed with this here remix.”

I’m a big fan of the original, but “Daylight” was remixed for NBA Live 10 and now has a club feel to it. I can definitely see DJs interjecting segments of this song in dance mixes. De La Soul also does a good job on the vocals, the contrast of rap and electronic is always appealing. Listen to it here