Max Tundra - Which Song (Passion Pit Remix)



Max Tundra, nee Ben Jacobs, is a very nice person, I’m sure, and his song, the Laurel & Hardy-esque titled “Which Song,” is a perfectly nice song, and Passion Pit’s remix is full of the lo-fi, uplifting beats and synth-sounds that made Manners so much fun.Still, it’s not a good sign when the main characteristic of a song is that it is “nice.”

I want to tell “Which Song” that I like it too much to ever be romantic with it.“Which Song” is in the musical friend zone.Jacobs’ vocals just don’t ever challenge the listener or command your attention the way, well, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos’ do.More whiny than plaintive, when Jacobs sings about a girl leaving him for another man, well, I kind of understand.

Worth checking out if you like Passion Pit, but you’re much better off just re-listening to “Sleepyhead” or “Little Secrets” to get your falsetto fix. Download it below: 

Max Tundra - Which Song (Passion Pit Remix)