MP3: Memory Tapes - Ghosting Notes


Ghosting Notes is a 44-minute long mixtape Memory Tapes put out there earlier this week featuring some unreleased material from the his upcoming new album, Player Piano.

The handful of brand new, never-before-heard Player Piano tunes aside, the mixtape features some other great tunes, including David Bowie's "Win"—a cut from his 1975 album Young Americans—and MemTapes' remix of "Too Afraid To Love You" by the Black Keys. You can download the entire thing below; you can also peep at the tracklist there. Player Piano is out July 5 via Carpark Records.

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01 Memory Tapes- “Fell Thru Ice 2?
02 The Cookies- “I Never Dreamed”
03 Celestial Choir- “Stand On The Word”
04 Lindisfarne- “Lady Eleanor”
05 Gandalf – “Me About You”
06 Amnesty – “We Have Love”
07 Anna – “Systems Breaking Down”
08 Memory Tapes – “Worries”
09 David Bowie – “Win”
10 Funkadelic – “March To The Witch’s Castle”
11 Black Keys – “Too Afraid To Love You (Memory Tapes Version)”
12 Memory Tapes – “Fell Thru Ice”
13 Memory Tapes – (music from Scott Eastwood art show)
14 Memory Tapes – “No. 79?

In a sort of related note, check out Memory Tapes' remix of ANR's super fun "Stay Kids."

ANR - "Stay Kids" (Memory Tapes Remix) (MP3)

MP3: Memory Tapes – “Wait In The Dark”
MP3: Memory Tapes – “Today Is Our Life”