Memory Tapes - Graphics / Easy Pert Mom


Goddamn this Graphics EP is good. It’s one man from New Jersey… channeling Battles, 1980’s Vangelis synths, pop-song chord progressions, Hot Chip electro-blips and bloops, and well… to be honest, I’m doing the improbably-named Dayve Hawk a disservice by limiting him with comparisons to other bands.


Considering that Hawk (as Memory Tapes) is often grouped with (admittedly stellar) Washed Out and Neon Indian in some vague genre-ish thing called “Chill-Gaze” (ok not really), this EP can bang. Don’t let the spacey vocals and fancy album art fool you – when it gets late and the times get tough, "Graphics" and "Easy Pert Mom" get going. The latter cut might even outshine the title track – Hawk’s vocals hit the necessary spots for that tasty pop flavor, but when he’s not singing on Easy Pert Mom, he’s working in more layers of sound, haze and static, crunchy, ugly sounds, then pouring smoothness in on top. It’s like a Snickers bar. Delicious.

MP3: Memory Tapes - Graphics
MP3: Memory Tapes - Easy Pert Mom