Memory Tapes - Green Knight


Sounds in “Green Knight”: pensive piano melodies, wobbly synths, epic synths, bongos, handclaps, real and electronic drums, washed out layered vocals, nostalgic lyrics, twangy guitar hooks, rough electro basslines, various miscellaneous ambient electronic flourishes, and something I can only describe as the sound of a basketball dribbling and that screeching sound shoes make on a high school gym’s linoleum floor.


If you don’t believe me, put on a good pair of headphones and listen for yourself. It’s all there, a beautifully mixed four minute musical stop-and-go. Interludes of slow, wistful reflection turn into fist pumping electro-funk dance breakdowns and then, like the slow songs at your Junior Prom, come back again to slow things down.

Still, an undoubtedly upbeat pulse keeps the track from being a complete wallflower. Ah, the simpler times. Grab this and another track “Stop Talking” (scroll down) from Memory Tapes’s self-titled debut LP and start reminiscing now.

Memory Tapes - Green Knight