Memory Tapes - Plain Material



Dayve Hawke has a lot going on. When the indie blogs start buzzing about not one of your bands but THREE you know that attention and adoration will soon be headed your way. Throw into the mix that no one knows anything about you, not even your name at one point, and the ingredients for indie success come together very nicely.

“Plain Material”, from Dayve Hawke’s Memory Tapes, is a clear example of why word has been spreading about all of his projects. One reason is that it is down-right catchy. After giving this song a few listens you are bound to have his voice singing about the beautiful dream he experiences rather quickly.

The music does not just lose its luster with its catchiness though, there is a true sense of originality, playfulness, and energy throughout all of Seek Magic: Memory Tape’s first LP. You can purchase a CD from Rough Trade Shops if and when the song convinces you to do so. Listen to "Plain Material" here:

Memory Tapes -

BONUS: Memory Tapes -

01. clip from See Magic bonus disc
02. Memory Tapes - "Green Knight"
03. East Hundred - "Hammerhead (Weird Tapes Version)"
04. Memory Tapes - "Bicycle (garage boombox take)"
05. clip from Seek Magic bonus disc
06. Memory Tapes - "Plain Material"
08. Fools Gold - "Nadine (Memory Tapes Version)"
09. clip from Seek Magic bonus disc

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