Memory Tapes - Stop Talking


Jersey electronic artist Dayve Hawk has taped over his two separate pet projects, Weird Tapes and Memory Cassette, to bring together their respective elements of dance and minimalistic ambiance into a single aptly titled album, Memory Tapes. What results sounds like an antique music box in a disco club. A weird mixture for sure, but if you run with the whole retro-mixtape idea Hawk seems to be proposing, a porcelain ballerina twirling underneath a shimmering disco ball is more appropriate than you’d think.

Take the track, “Stop Talking”, a strong 7-minute epic. It builds slowly, guiding you through a nostalgic haze with a steady pulse of snares and bouncy synths. Just when you think the song has all but receded into a fog, it comes back with huge drums and a beautiful ethereal melody that sounds like it was recorded on a kid’s toy keyboard. There’s something eerie, something playful to it all, like Hawk was saying there’s something weirdly wonderful about the memories we have and the songs we set them to.