Metric - Sick Muse




Metric's first effort came out four years ago, and I'm quite ashamed to say that I barely gave it a listen. Judging by their latest track, however, "Sick Muse," I now know that I made a terrible mistake. This band has big things in store with their upcoming album, and "Sick Muse" is the great song that proves it.

Both perfect for dancing and for listening alone in your room (or both),  "Sick Muse" (off of their upcoming album, Fantasies) is a lush, slick tune that rocks out with a style similar to that of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The Canadian rockers have already bounced KoL off the Canadian charts with their first official single, "Help I'm Alive."

"Muse" definitely sticks with the electronic-based melodies that the band always has, but it doesn't get caught up in the blips and beeps, instead using swirling guitars (shoutout to Chuck Klosterman, check out the My Bloody Valentine paragraph) and production over the gorgeous vocals, notably on the chorus, to lift the track to the next level. "Everybody just wanna fall in love," sings lead singer Emily Haines beautifully.

The song is actually a tad boring until it hits the chorus, but again, the song's main refrain and "ahh"-ed out ending completely redeem it.