M.I.A. is having an awesome 2009, 3 weeks in.



Maya Arulpragasam (better known as M.I.A.) is having an already stellar 2009. Good for her. Let's look at the things she has to look forward to in February.

For one thing, she's pregnant and her baby is due February 8th! As if that weren't exciting enough, on that night (GRAMMY night), Ms. Arulpragasam is nominated for two GRAMMYs: one for Record of the Year for "Paper Planes," and another for Best Rap Song for "Swagga Like Us" — under the technicality that the song samples "Paper Planes" and she wrote "Paper Planes," and in the GRAMMY panel's eyes, that's the exact same thing.

That's pretty huge stuff. For some women, having a child is the highest honor. For some musicians, winning a GRAMMY (or two) is the highest honor. She's doing pretty damn good as a female musician if you look at it that way. Now what if this lauded female musician mother/GRAMMY-winner wins an Oscar? That would be pretty fucking crazy, no?

That could very well be M.I.A. come February 22nd because — you guessed it — she's nominated for an OSCAR for her fantastic work in "O Saya," one of a few M.I.A. songs featured on the annoyingly overrated Slumdog Millionaire. If she were to win, she'd share the Oscar with A.R. Rahman, who nominated for another Oscar for Best Original Score for "Slumdog."

Is M.I.A. friggen awesome, or what?

M.I.A. & A.R. Rahman - O Saya