Michael Jackson Tributes: James Morrison, Kid Cudi & Cookin Soul


It's impossible to keep up with the countless tributes made to honor the late King of Pop, but here are a two that really caught my ear. I first spotted James Morrison's cover of MJ's classic (and one of my favorite songs altogether) "Man In The Mirror" on Perez Hilton, natch. James Morrison's voice is a blessing, but not even his sweet vocals do "Man In The Mirror" justice. Honestly, this is the kind of song that just can't be done any other way but Michael Jackson's way.


Listen to James Morrison's rendition of "Man In The Mirror" here.

Go to page 2 to listen to Kid Cudi jump on "Beat It"
Prolific Hip-Hop producer Cookin' Soul decided that mashing Michael Jackson's "Beat It" and Kid Cudi's "Day N Nite" would be a good idea. I have to admit, it took a couple of listens before it finally sank it, but this works surprisingly well. Give it a few listens before you press the delete button.