MP3: Odd Future's Mike G - "Chevron" (Prod. by Hodgy Beats)


Houston based rapper Mike G is one of the lesser known artists in the increasingly popular Los Angeles collective known as Odd Future, though it's understandably hard to compete with attention grabbers like Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats, "missing" rappers like Earl Sweatshirt, or gifted singer/songwriters like Frank Ocean

Amidst the slew of mixtapes OFWGKTA has put out this year stands Ali, Mike G's solo record which introduces his brand of lethargic, witty, Southern influenced hip hop. The Odd Future crew has just posted a new track from G on Twitter, another country anthem called “Chevron,” which was produced by Hodgy Beats. It comes from his forthcoming Award Tour EP (no confirmed release date yet); download “Chevron” below:

Mike G - "Chevron" (prod by Hodgy Beats) (MP3)