Miniature Tigers - "Gold Skull" (Neon Indian Produced)


We've talked about Miniature Tigers as a great live band more than a few times already. We haven't yet focused on the catchy tunes this band is responsible for. Come later this summer, the Phoenixites-turned-Brooklynites will be releasing their new album, Fortress.

As you can plainly see from this post's title, Miniature Tigers' new single, "Gold Skull" was produced by Neon Indian. But Alan Palomo isn't the only big name attached to Fortress' production credits — no, main Morning Bender Chris Chu credited to being the album's chief producer.

"Gold Skull" is more Neon Indian chillwave than Miniature Tigers' signature brand of bubblegum indie pop, whilst still sounding peppy and all-too-happy. This song has summer written all over it.

Fortress will be out July 27. Download more Miniature Tigers from eMusic’s risk free 35 Free MP3 offer.