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MNDR - "I Go Away"

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We first discovered MNDR in Mark Ronson's big-wang'd new single "Bang Bang Bang". I'm sure I wasn't the only one who thought Santigold was somehow involved in another lawsuit, forcing her to change her stagename, once again, when MNDR came on the track. It's true, MNDR, née Amanda Warner, sounds a lot like Santigold and her involvement with the charming and sterling Mark Ronson is familiar, to say the least. But let's put conspirator coincidences aside for four minutes and let's see what MNDR is cooking up for us in Brooklyn. I'll tell you now, it smells fucking delicious.

"This is my anthem/ I know it like I know everything", sings Warner in the stunning "I Go Away", and you're inclined to believe her, believe that this song is an extension of herself, flowing out of her as easily as you're able to listen to it. It must be exhilarating for a musician to be able to say this so candidly.

Now that the four minutes are up, it's undeniable and incredibly difficult to picture anyone but Santigold when the track is on blast. We're defenseless really; what are we supposed to with vocals and lyrics like these? Are we not supposed to think "L.E.S. Artistes, Part II"? But more importantly, are we not supposed to love it, just because it sounds like Santigold? Like I said, we're defenseless.

MNDR - "I Go Away"