Modest Mouse - Satellite Skin


"Meh" was added to the dictionary this year, meaning "mediocre" or "boring." I tend to use this word a lot when I review things, so I figured that I should fully define the term at some point. And Modest Mouse's latest, "Satellite Skin," gives me the perfect opportunity.

I really like a lot of Modest Mouse stuff; their albums have been increasingly consistent and inventive. But the song they premiered on Letterman a while back, "Satellite Skin," came off as flat and bland. Revolving primarily around lead singer Issac Brock's voice, the song trucks along with some lazy guitar chords and a beat that goes nowhere. From the first 1/2 minute or so, I was heavily expecting  a great song. With Brock's powerful voice over barely any instrumentals, I was expecting the song to grow into a lavish, epic number (like "Dashboard," one of my favorite MM songs). Rather, it did quite the opposite, repeating the same titular phrase over and over. As a matter of fact, if you clicked through the entire 4 minute, 12 second YouTube video, you'd find that every single part sounds exactly the same- the song never changes, it isn't dynamic at all. "Skin" only provides one memorable moment/lyric:

"You could say what you want, you're forgiven. Well happy freakin' congratulations."

I don't know, that saved the song a bit for me. Otherwise, let's hope that Modest Mouse's 4 upcoming 7"s sound a little more full.