I can't tell you much about Monarchy. I can only tell you what I know and what I know is that Monarchy is a duo from London serving up some glorious electro-pop music. I can also say that our favorite boutique label Neon Gold is releasing Monarchy's debut single, "Gold In The Fire" in February of 2010.


The atmosphere surrounding "Gold In The Fire" is as airy as its synth backbone is bouncy. Almost sounding like a polished Washed Out track, "Gold" has a beautiful simplicity to it that allows you to loop the song over and over again effortlessly.

MP3: Monarchy - Gold In The Fire

Better yet — believe it or not — is the single's backing track, "Black, The Colour of My Heart". Keeping Monarchy's outer-space, atmospheric theme in tact, "Black" is reminiscent of Röyksopp's brooding synth-work. But the suckerpunch here is the massively affective pop hook Monarchy throws over the synthesized drama.

MP3: Monarchy - Black, The Colour of My Heart

With these two songs (save a couple of remixes) serving as our sole offerings by this mysterious duo, I can't help but feel excited for what lies ahead.