Moneypenny - Say No


Check out Moneypenny’s debut single “Say No” remixed by fellow Chicagoans Hey Champ. There isn’t a doubt that the quirky electro/dance DJ duo Moneypenny is doing big things. In fact, if you know anything about the local electro-music scene in Chicago, Moneypenny (formerly known as Rocktapussy) is a household name.


Both DJ’s A-Cup and Mother Hubbard have longstanding and respected careers on the city’s nightlife scene, and there’s something about their musical synergy that always turns their parties into a sweaty, rockin’ good time.

Now branching into live performance versus just mixing, Moneypenny has released “Say No”. Heavy bass beats and simple yet sharp synth melodies coupled with DJ A-Cup’s panting and angry, sometimes moan-y voice, give the track a certain gritty, underground electro feel. Get familiar with it. Both Moneypenny and Hey Champ are fresh Chicago talent that should be kept on the radar. “Say No” is catchy and interesting, and I guarantee it will make you want to bounce.

Moneypenny - Say No

Moneypenny - Say No (Hey Champ Remix)