mp3: Blue Hawaii, "Get Happy/Get Happier"

Download the latest 2-part jam from the Montreal duo

Last month, Montreal-based duo Blue Hawaii unleashed a bonus track from their 2013 debut, Untogether, called "Strawberries and White Light," a precursor to a new single they've released which features a song called "Get Happy," and its chaotic counterpart, "Get Happier," which is essentially a sped-up, frantic version of the former.

According to the band:

(? ????????? ????)? ‘Get Happy’ is a song we recorded one day in January 2014 but laid to rest as we got lost in the commotion of touring and moving to separate cities. As the year progressed, we found our live show intensify but still had all these softer recordings which would never be released. Hence we present Get Happy / Get Happier, where we explore both sides: the original demo and a fun, double-time edit made one day in August.

Download both below: