MP3: Chromeo - Hot Mess f/ La Roux (Duck Sauce Remix)


Chromeo’s “Hot Mess” did spawn a video with some of the best sexy cops since Arrested Development, and production duo Duck Sauce are responsible for the best use of the words “Barbra Streisand” in recent memory (and, in that, one of the best dance songs of the year), so you can probably predict what the inevitable combination of these two elements sounds like without listening to it. It’s dancy, it’s funky, it puts La Roux's Elly Jackson, guest on “Hot Mess,” front and center over lots of fuzz and drum machine. This remix has the layered feel, that take-it-out-bring-it-back element that made “Barbra Streisand” so good, and thrown on a song already oozing pop sensibility, it’s irresistible. Listen and download below:

DOWNLOAD: Cheomeo - Hot Mess f/ La Roux (Duck Sauce Remix)

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