MP3: Cold War Kids - "Louder Than Ever" & Music Video


Scuzzy California quartet Cold War Kids are readying their third record, Mine is Yours” for release January 24th, and they’ve dropped melodic, driving lead single “Louder Than Ever” to get their fans warmed up. That irresistibly percussive, syncopated sound you’ve come to love this band for is thankfully still present, layered under Nathan Willett’s slightly-toned-down characteristic yowl and sweet wailing guitars. It’s easy to miss the toeing-the-line, dancing-on-the-edge sing-talking Willett employed so effortlessly on the band’s first record “Robbers and Cowards” – sometimes, oddly, it’s disappointing when people become more technically proficient singers. “Louder Than Ever” is better produced than anything the band have ever done, and up a different alley than any of their hits to date. It’s something different for the band, but enjoyable – it leaves you wondering what the rest of the record will sound like. Check it out.

MP3: Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever