MP3: Cold War Kids - "Mine Is Yours" (Passion Pit Remix)


Just one week left until Cold War Kids' anticipated third full length, Mine Is Yours, hits stores everywhere. The Long Beach outfit is already on tour (coming to a venue near you!) promoting the album, with popular singles “Royal Blue” and “Bulldozer” circulating the blogopshere, and now the popular indie poppers Passion Pit have remixed the title track, which hasn't even been properly released yet.

The remix houses a healthy balance of Passion Pit synthesized electro pop and Nathan Willet's agreeable vocals, with hints of disco vehemence and a bass as booming as “Relief,” from Loyalty to Loyalty. Mine Is Yours is out here on the 25th via Downtown, but you can stream it in its entirety here.

MP3: Cold War Kids - Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)