MP3: Das Racist – “Swate”


New York rappers Heems and Kool AD, alongside hypeman Dap a.k.a. Das Racist have become aficionados of releasing music for free. After giving away two terrific mixtapes last year in Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down, Man, they are reportedly putting out a proper LP this year, rumor has it that it'll be called RELAX. The boys have just released a new track, one of the lengthiest they've ever crafted, that includes lyrics from a recent Pitchfork freestyle/interview. “Swate” houses a gangsta rap beat with an Arabic twist, produced by Mike Finto and features DR contributor Lakutis (who also appeared on “Rappin 2 You”).

Whether it will appear on the supposed record remains unclear, as does if this record is even coming out. Nonetheless, Das Racist are definitely the sickest thing to happen to hip hop in a long time.

MP3: Das Racist - Swate