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MP3: DOM - "Beth" (Daytrotter Session)

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As always, you got to hand it to Daytrotter, they've become the perfect medium for bands to perform otherwise unreleased material. Massachusetts destructive synth pop/rock outfit Dom are the most recent to record a session, performing highlights from their debut EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, like “Jesus” and “Living In America,” and also played a new track (or a b-side) “Beth.”

“Beth” houses the standard heavy riffs and garage rock demeanor we've come to love from them, adding a healthy dosage of surf pop for good measure, while frontman Dom repeatedly sings “drunk in a backyard.” It would be nice to hear a studio recorded version of the track as, along with the rest of the session, it sounds raw and unpolished, even more than usual.

MP3: DOM - "Beth" (Daytrotter Session)

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