MP3: Edward Sharpe – “Up From Below” / “Janglin’”


It’s no surprise that we feel pretty strongly about Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes and their ten-piece California-desert alt-country I-was-born-a-ramblin’-man backroads-gospel-choir jams (best I can do!), and their unique, magnetic sound is on display in full force on their recent iTunes session (from which we have already featured the track "Fire & Water"). Their takes on “Up From Below” and “Janglin’” feature wailing horns, compelling, chill-up-your-spine group vocals, honky-tonk guitar interplay, harmonica that actually sounds good – everything you like about this band. These tracks will probably cement your desire to become this band’s eleventh member and churn out some irresistible sunny-day pop of your own. Enjoy the MP3s below-

MP3: Edward Sharpe The Magnetic Zeros - Up From Below (iTunes Session)

MP3: Edward Sharpe The Magnetic Zeros - Janglin' (iTunes Session)